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In this web site I show many photos of the Swiss Alps, the Lago Maggiore region, as Ticino, mountain flowers, chalets and villages. You find also very interesting photos which I made of the production of heavy steel works.The originals are 1024 x 758 pixel, all digital, made with Nikon Coolpix 990 and/or Nikon D100 up to 6 Million Pixel.

Now I can offer you wonderfull enlargement as Digital-Prints of my Wildflowers.

As long as you need my photos for your private use, on your own computer or on your personal web site, I will charge you

     30 € for a single photo
  in a size of 1024 x 768 pixel.

Normally I would send it via e-mail. (A download possibility is not yet available.)

 - If you need more photos at the same time, I could burn them on a CD-ROM and charge you 30 € one time for each delivery (for CD-making, handling, packing, shipping)

There is a special series of photos of the mountain flowers, which is nice also as slideshow or screen saver (for instance loaded into webshots).
You can order them per e-mail.

Combination photo of mountain-flowers and villages

All my photos are watermarked in order to protect my copyright.

In case you need my photos for commercial use, there is no problem, if you contact me and tell me for what you want to use it. In this case Iíll send you a proposal for a licence.