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I have enlarged and edited these digital photos on the computer and now they are available as digital prints mounted on a very light foam sandwich panel and concealed with an UV protection film. The dimensions are 50 x 50 cm (19.7” x 19.7”) and the price per piece is 300 € (exclusive eventual shipping costs). Please ask for quantity discount when buying more than 6 Prints.

Campanula barbata
 No. 10

 No. 40

Taraxatum cucullatum
 No. 70

SiLéne dioíca
 No. 100

 No. 130

Aster alpinus
 No. 20

Cytisus scoparius
 No. 50

Carlina acaulis
 No. 80

Centaurea jacea
 No. 110

Gentiana campestris
 No. 140

 No. 30

Tactylorhiza maculata
 No. 60

Astrantia major
 No. 90

Latyrus vernus
 No. 120

 No. 150

Please order by e-mail using the form on my contact side.