I made in the last year about 7000 photos, mostly in the Swiss Alps, in Ticino and around the Lago Maggiore. A few are showing in this site. All photos have originally 1024 x 768 pixel.

After a long activity as CEO in INTERROLL, an international industry group, which I had co-founded, I now have assigned myself to creativity only -  to art, to design and Dieter Specht
Furthermore during the time in management of Interroll I could realise many industrial and product ideas as well as designs for fairs, brochures and presentation ideas. Even creative architectural design could become reality.


Some of my wonderfull Wildflower- Photos you can buy as Digital Print, mounted on panel and concealed with UV protection film.
Panarama-Photos have been made in 5 m length and are also available.

Besids my passion to photography I spend a lot of my time to modern painting
(visit me at
my Art-Site) the way, “picchio” , pronounced: pickio, is Italian and means woodpecker, in German Specht (my family name)
My name is Dieter Specht,
my artist name is  picchio