My new atelier is in a small village near to Ascona.
Here in Arcegno with its old stone houses in the middle of green mountains, rised by snow topped  high mountains one can dream, enjoy the quietness in mostly nice weather and in a very good climate.
Here one can collect ideas everywhere.
My atelier has enough space to work, to paint and to show my work on the various walls. My office has all eqipment for scanning, retoushing, composing and finishing digital photos.
Let you carry off to the dream world and visit me regularly at this Internet Site - or in my atelier in Arcegno....?!

photo of the studio
photo inside studio

*) if you intend to visit me in Arcegno you just follow the street from Ascona or Locarno to ->Losone -> Arcegno. There you find my studio in the center of the village.

My address is: “picchio”, Via Pestalozzi 15, CH 6618 Arcegno,
Telefon: +41 (91)791 44 53

photos of Arcegno